Note From the Editor : Get a Discount - As we were doing our TVonPC Reviews we found a way to get you a discount on the price on a least one of the top TV on PC software programs available. Something you can try is when you`re visiting the site you want go to the checkout page and click the back button on your browser and a box will POP UP offering youa discount . If the box doesn`t pop up - sorry, there are no discounts.Possible discounts are highlighted above. Not all TVonPC providers have this type of discount and these discounts may disappear at any time without notice.

Things to remember : Receiving TVonPC is an excellent way to save money but keep in mind that all Satellite TV for PC software (or ones with similar names) use the same sort of software one way or another to gather all channels available on the internet today and bring them to you in a nice package that makes it easy for you to scan and access many of your favorite channels thereby enabling you to watch your TV from PC based channels using any available internet connection (a high speed connection is recommended for the best quality viewing stream).

The best things about these TVonPC software programs are the conveniences and all the extra things you can do with this software (access world programming from all 4 corners of the globe), "on vacation, or out of town on business " it`s just like having Satellite TV on PC (and you`ll never miss your favorite shows) and then there are the extra features that are included with purchase (e.g. PVR or DVD copying software programs). Another interesting thing about the channels you receive with this type of software is the views and news you see from all of the different cultures around the world, some things you see can really 
open your eyes to the differences we all have.

Do you need to learn how to hook up your PC to your TV? Watch this video here→"How to Connect a TV to a PC".

by- Mark Demers
Editor -
These TV for PC reviews here were not easy to do, there are many different factors we look at to try our best to give you our results in a completely unbiased manner.

Any of these Top TV on PC software programs come highly recommended and are especially
handy in rural areas where there is no antennae or cable TV to be had .- any way you look at it with any of these top TVonPC software programs you`ll be able to watch TV through your PC and receive TV stations available from throughout  the world.

Easily access hundreds or even thousands of internet television channels right on your PC, and by hooking up you`ll start on the road to freeing yourself from those
high monthly bills you receive from the cable or satellite TV providers each month.
Ranked # 3 - Online TV on Your PC : Live TV Desktop

Online TV on Your PC : Live TV Desktop is our # 3 choice for top TV for PC software and is the only one which is compatible with Apple operating systems as well as most every Windows operating system.

Access over 2,150 worldwide satellite based channels
which contain many Sports channels( e.g. Soccer, Baseball, American Football, Basketball, Cricket and more), Movie channels (e.g. Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance and more), News from countries such as England, China, U.S.A., with lots of Kids Programming (e.g. Movies, Cartoons, Educational television plus lots of games).
You`ll also be able to access many Music channels of all different types (e.g. 80`s, 90`, Rock, Hip Hop, Classical and many others).

No Monthly Charges
Works with all Windows and Apple operating systems

  For more information visit → Online TV on Your PC : Live TV Desktop

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$49.95 US
Lifetime Access

Orig - $29.97 US
Pro  - $39.97 US
Additional Software May Be Needed To Make Some TV on PC Software Programs Fully Functional

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Some TVonPC software programs listed above may require you to install one or more of these free video players (if they`re not installed already) for your PC to be
fully compatible and able to decode and watch TV on a PC  . If you need one or more of these players to run any of the TVonPC software programs above you can download them here. Downloads are free and only the free basic player of each is needed. 

    These links directly below are directed towards the OFFICIAL site of each software provider mentioned on each link.

    -Download Real Media Player
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    -Download Microsoft Silverlight
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$ $44.95
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TVonPC Reviews : The Top Internet TV Software Providers Ranked

Hello! Here on our TVonPC Reviews (TV on PC Reviews) page we try our very best to offer you a clear and concise side by side analysis and rankings of the Top TVonPC software programs available on the internet today. Our reviews below have ranked the Top Internet TV software providers for you and examined and compared each separate program for : stream quality, ease of use, installation, # of High Definition, Digital or Low Resolution channels available and support , we also list any bonus offers we find.  We  have found these providers to be the Top Internet TV software providers (TV on PC software) available today : Satellite Direct TV, PCTV4me and Online TV on Your PC : Live TV Desktop. Other providers have been eliminated from our reviews for various reasons and the remaining few have been the most consistant and reliable of all providers found over the years we`ve been here doing our thing.

Follow this link to read about the main selling points of TV on PC software and find out what to look for prior to purchasing any of these TV for PC programs. Below the reviews on this page you can compare the differences between the top satellite TV for PC programs against Cable, Satellite and television antenna TV. Compare the prices and recurring charges involved in maintaining your TV service for each resource

Read Our Individual TV on PC (Software) Reviews to Learn More

To read our in-depth TV on PC reviews for each of the top satellite TV for PC programs listed below, just follow the "Read Our Review" link provided for each software product listed.
Available discounts for TV on PC programs below are highlighted in green -(e.g. DISCOUNT AVAILABLE) . Read the "Note from the Editor→ Get a Discount"  just below the reviews on this page to learn how to get this discount.

We hope you find our reviews helpful.
Thank you.
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Ranked # 1 - Satellite Direct

Satellite Direct is our # 1 choice and is probably the most popular Satellite TV for PC software program available anywhere. Satellite Direct gives you access to more than 3500 HD channels. The set up only takes a minute (it`s that easy) and the user-interface is one of the simplest to use as well. Satellite Direct is the only Satellite TV for PC product designed for Windows and Macintosh systems and offers access to quality HD programming from every TV market from all around the world.
I think this is a pretty good value considering the types of quality programs you receive. There are many categories available such as comedy, horror, sci-fi, action, new releases , classic movie channels and a variety of business and music channels along with documentaries, stock market updates, game shows, public access, local news and sports channels (World cup soccer, racing, baseball networks) too. You`ll also find NBC news, CNN, CSPAN, BBC, ESPN news and more.

No monthly or extra Charges
Works with Windows and Macintosh systems

   For more information visit → Satellite Direct

Online TV on Your PC : Live TV Desktop 3D box with ratings Satellite Direct TV review with ratings 169x240 PCTV4Me box with ratings 156 x 234 TV FOR PC SOFTWARE - Don`t lose half your screen, watch fullscreen HDTV through your PC, 1000`s of channels, new and old movies, cartoons, live pro sports top sitcoms and much more, complete worldwide coverage. Televisionn Set - Textured / Yellow TV on PC with satellite dish caricature-TVonPC Reviews : jpg
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Ranked # 2 - PCTV4Me

PCTV4Me is our 2nd choice of all  TV on PC software reviews we`ve done so far. PCTV4Me offers access to over 3000 quality worldwide channels.
PCTV4Me provides an excellent dual screen interface (picture in picture (i.e. PIP)) feature. PCTV4Me is a very simple program to install and use (installation takes about a minute). Their prices are hard to beat. If all you want to do is to watch some TV or maybe just save some hard earned money this is the way to go.

With PCTV4Me you`ll be able to receive and watch Music Videos, Sports, News, Dramas, Sitcoms, Documentaries, Game Shows and Religion all the categories are here. Some of the channels you get (e.g. 24N HD TV ,TV PIKA .BBC News, Bloomberg TV, C-SPAN, Eurosport TV, France 24, Rhein Main TV , TV Ogg, Wildlife Channel, plus Adult Channels from Europe and all over the world !
) AND you`ll find tons of high quality radio (Music) stations from all accross the globe.
No Monthly Charges
Work with Windows XP / Vista / 7
Requirements - Internet Explorer 5.0 or later

For more information visit → PCTV4me (FREE Trial Download- Music Channels Only)