Top Rated Registry Cleaners Software Rankings and Reviews

Rankings and Reviews of the Top Rated Registry Cleaner Programs for PC Health

Registry repair is one of the top 5 things for you to do to keep your pc running safely, securely and efficiently for years.  The best registry cleaners will help you to speed up and stabilize your system and can help to keep your personal PC settings and private information safe . Our top rated registry cleaner reviews  examine in-depth the top registry cleaners on the market. Get a  free registry cleaner scan below from the most popular registry cleaner software providers on the market today and you`ll be able to cleanup and repair any errors now present on your system and get your system working as it should once again. We try our very best to offer you the best registry cleaner software reviews anywhere.

  There are no viruses, spyware or adware hidden inside any of these programs and we want you to feel free to download and try any or all of these programs for free and if you decide to purchase one and, once you use it for any substantial length of time please return and write a user review for our the benefit of our future customers...Thank you.

Keep your computer safe using these weekly steps but first before anything make sure you have your firewall operating , then follow these steps  -

  • 1. Use a good highly acclaimed anti-spyware and anti-malware program . Run these scans once a week.
  • 2. Use a top rated registry cleaner software program weekly to remove any problems plaguing your pc`s registry. 
  • 3. Use Microsoft automatic updates and Microsoft update scan.
  • 4. Clean out your unwanted cookies , cache and history from your browsers (this helps keep your information safe). To do this use CCleaner daily, it`s free and very safe to use. CCleaner will solve small errors in your registry quickly (CCleaner can be used safely as complimentary software to a paid registry cleaner)
  • 5. Update all of the installed programs on your pc to the most current versions - visit - Filehippo and download the  "Update checker" - use this weekly and it will scan your pc and provide you with easy access to any needed updates your system may need . It`s free to use and extremely handy.        
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Registry Mum is a very efficient addition on our Top Rated Registry Cleaner reviews and a program that will do a quick job of  safely cleaning up your registry.  Not many extra features but they have a very efficient scanning ability. Registry Mum offers a 5 language interchangeable interface and offers a way of repairing the irritating WinSock2repair error. Try Registry Mum - Download the free version just above or purchase while repairing to access the full version.                
RegTool is the best registry cleaner we`ve found and is designed to safely speed up your PC quickly and easily.  RegTOOL monitors and displays a PC`s health with a easy to read meter and comes complete with the features (e.g. One click scan, customized scanning, evidence and junk cleaner, Disc Defrag..etc.) and scanning ability to make this software our #1 choice for best top rated registry cleaner tool. RegTool will safely fix computer crashes, error messages,blue screens and more (consult chart ). RegTOOL fixed my start up problems with ease and is recommended for deep scan to optimize Windows registry settings and for finding and repairing those annoying registry errors. Comes complete with manual and auto backup features and 24/7 telephone support. Repair your own PC in minutes. 60 day money back guarantee, Try it free, cllick the blue "Free Scan" button link just above.
Error Fix is our #2 choice and is comparable to our #1 but without the auto backup after the first scan. Error Fix monitors your system and reports PC health using a PC health meter. All scans are completely customizable and you can choose only the features you want to use. Error Fix offers many features (e.g.Privacy Cleaner, Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer..etc) all combined in to one easy to use interface. Error Fix can also scan for any needed Microsoft, Java and Adobe updates if desired. Look for the "free scan now" button above and give it a try.
Registry Easy is an excellent windows registry cleaner and repair software programScan, clean and optimize your pc - A key feature for Registry Easy is the automatic creation of a restore point prior to conducting each scan which is good for safety of use. Registry Easy works with 2008 and 2003 versions of Windows too. Registry Easy is a highly effective and extremely safe program - try their free registry cleaner download or get more features by purchasing the full version. Read our full review or try a free scan now through the links above.
Registry Winner is an advanced Windows registry cleaner and repair software which comes in a mufti-lingual format (28 in all). When using Registry Winner you`ll notice it has all the features of our top rated registry cleaners but their support program for users comes up a bit short . Be sure to keep your purchase order form in a safe location in case you have problems and you need to contact support . green logo name banner

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We Rank and Rate: Features, Help/ Support, User Friendliness (includes setup), Auto Backup and Scan Effectiveness (# of errors scanned for and are able to repair).
Features:The top rated registry cleaner software programs are able to repair a great number of problems on their own (e.g. - invalid pathways, altered fonts, file types, CLSID, DLLs, missing sounds, App.Events, help files, missing shell extensions, and invalid class keys). The features that accompany the top registry cleaners make it possible to extend their scope while enhancing their effectiveness. We compare the number of features offered and rate them for your convenience.                         
Help and Support(documentation):  Help files and customer support is vital when you need to access them. We show you who`s program comes with the best support as well as any help sections available.
User Friendliness : The set-up and cleaning processes for any registry cleaner should be easy enough for a beginner to perform with explanation available at each and every step during the process. The fewer steps involved in the installation and cleaning processes facilitates a better user experience and understanding of what`s really happening throughout your registry cleaning experience.
Auto-Backup : We take a look at which registry cleaners offer an auto backup and restore feature. All the best registry cleaner programs should have an effective backup and restore feature system in place be it automatic or manual should you ever need to use it. 
Scan Effectiveness(# of errors scanned for and are able to repair): The more problems or errors a  registry cleaner can find and repair the better your system will perform for you. We have checked for over 60 different top features and errors that these top registry cleaners below have or can repair and have conducted our reviews according to these criteria only. Check out all the top features and most common errors each individual registry cleaners reviewed here will find and repair on our Top Rated Registry Cleaning Product and Features List Side by Side Comparison Chart Review page. To further investigate other errors not listed on this site which each cleaner can search for, find and repair we suggest you visit each site yourself prior to purchasing.

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